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            Our Approach in Health & Wellness

            Johnson & Johnson Health and Wellness Solutions is grounded in the science of behavior change, taking a science-based, scalable approach to sustainable behavior change guided by human understanding and demonstrated through proven outcomes. We engage individuals, connect to what they value most and improve health outcomes, ideally through early intervention.

            Offering Solutions Across the Healthcare Continuum
            Offering Solutions Across the Healthcare Continuum
            From well to sick, we work to help all individuals experience improved outcomes, whether they’re well or experiencing acute illness. By intervening early with engaging behavior change tools, our goal is to keep more individuals well, longer.

            Science of Behavior Change

            Sustained behavior change happens when an individual is engaged in their health journey and empowered with science-based tools they can use to create positive habits for life. Our approach is guided by the following principles:
            Assess for Factors That Influence an Individual's Health Behavior
            Leverage Evidence-Based Science of Behavior Change to Improve the Targeted Health Outcome
            Measure Impact by Applying Real-World Experience and Evidence to Improve Effectiveness
            Utilize Data Analytics to Gain Insights and Learnings to Improve Processes


            Johnson & Johnson Health Partner will change the process of preparing for and recovering from knee, hip or weight loss surgery by tapping into an individual’s motivation and underlying drive to get and stay healthy.
            As the largest healthcare company in the world, we realize that we have a unique responsibility to be a leader in improving people’s health and wellbeing through technology and innovation.

            Health and Wellness Offerings

            Our Thought Leaders

            Our leadership is comprised of exceptionally talented innovators, researchers and clinicians with extensive knowledge of and experience in the field of health and wellness.

            In the News

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